Update to Grants!


I would love for some of the grants in Domo to be more granular. Some examples include

Export from Domo - This is a very high-level grant, there are so many things you can export from Domo. I would love this to break down into Export dataset from Domo, export card to ppt, export report etc.

Manage Datasets - I would love this to be broken down to separate out webforms and even have some exclusion clauses. I have a use case where I need a set of users to have access to all data except my 10 or so sensitive datasets.

Anything around Apps - be specific here, the grants for Appstore, AppDB, and DomoApps are very confusing. . The inline editor app requires a user to have App DB even though it shows up in the appstore. It is not intuitive the user needs this grant. Also, where do CourseBuilder courses fall?

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  • DoYouDomo

    To add to this, I want to be able to restrict users from creating scheduled reports, but still allow them to export the dashboard, or dataset, or print.

    At the very least, I would love to see 'create scheduled reports' be completely separate grant from 'exporting'.

    Even more so, as it appears basic participants can add users or groups who shouldn't have access due to PDP via the scheduled report feature.

  • jsr
    jsr Member

    Users can be added to a scheduled report by participants, not groups. If PDP is enabled on the dataset powering the report and the user just added to the scheduled report hasn't been added to any PDP, then they'll just receive an empty report via email with a link to the card in Domo which upon being clicked will also be blank.

  • stasia

    Totally agree. Especially grant for datasets - currently only 2 options: share and edit. Need 3d: view only (ability to remove share and edit options).