Help With Creating % Of Total Column

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I have a similar following dataset:

Group | Claim Amount:

A | $75.00

A | $20.00

B | $100.00

D | $200.00

C | $100.00

C | $30.00

A | $400.00

Total: 7 Claims

I am trying to figure out how I can create a beast mode that will give me a percentage of total claims by count.

So, trying to add a column that would output the following:

A: .43%

B: 14%

C: 29%

D: 14%

Attempting the following:

COUNT(`Group`) / sum(count(`Group`)) but it doesn't seem to work.

Hoping to get this done by just a beast mode since I do not have access to backend data/access to window functions, etc

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