Domo Excel Add-In Should Replace the entire data from prior refresh

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Domo Excel Add-In should replace the entire Domo data output in the excel data sheet. Currently Domo Excel Add-In replaces only the top rows of a prior output with the current output. Rest of the rows will have data from a prior refresh. Customers can end up with incorrect data in their analysis for this reason and may not know why exactly they have incorrect results. All Excel add-Ins I have used so far do this automatically. I would like Domo to fix this issue or enhance the tool to have the option for the new data output to replace the prior data output completely.

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  • cadellfalconer

    Hello @delmisebastian -

    Apologies for the delay in reply.

    We attempted to replicate this but are not able to. Is this still occurring for you? It's possible it was resolved in our last release, as we are currently rolling out monthly updated for the MS office addins beta.

    Also, just to confirm, you are talking about the new office add-ins beta, and not the original office plugins available via the "Admin" - "Tools" section?



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