Dashboard Layout - Show pixel dimensions of each item when designing

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Currently, when designing a dashboard, there is no way to tell if your cards are the same size. For example, if I have a 9 cards in a 3x3 format, I have no way to tell if the row 1 cards are the same height as the row 2 or row 3 cards. I have to eyeball it and potentially put a tape measure to my monitor to measure a card's height. Not ideal. Same with looking at it from a column perspective. I really can't tell if column 1 is the same width as columns 2 or 3.

It would be great if the pixel dimensions were shown around the edge of the entire dashboard, or around each card in the layout, so you could create a consistent layout.

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  • Khushboo
    Khushboo Domo Employee

    @MarkSnodgrass This is currently on our roadmap. We are exploring options to introduce new aligners on the page that could help with alignment and creating cards that are same size.