single date filter for multiple columns


Hello team,

columns A and B are the occurrences in date format of two separate events.

I have three columns. People, Date A and Date B. I'd like to be able to have a single date filter and out put the count of A and count of B for each person in that date timeframe.

I appreciate any suggestions!


  • RobSomers

    @aconway Are you wanting your date filter to be related to one of the columns or both?

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  • aconway

    @RobSomers I'd like a single quick date filter to determine the amount for A and B for each person in that time frame.

  • MichelleH

    Hi @aconway can you please give some more details about what you mean by timeframe? Do you mean you want to filter to rows where the date you specify is between the values in the Date A and Date B fields?