Improved Calendar Filter Functionality

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Love the calendar filter and finding it the best way to select a date range (slider is okay in theory but too finicky to adjust over a broad range).

Only issue here is that are finding it a bit awkward to select dates from a ~3 month period.

One, on the single-month page view, whenever clicking on a future month (ie, page 2+), it always jumps back to the first page. Is it possible to allow this functionality to be toggleable so you can click a date range in the future without having to jump back to the future pages twice?

Alternatively, instead of just the one-month or twelve-month view, could we be able to create a custom view of 3 months/ 1 quarter at once, for example?

Are either of these possible to do? Would make one of our dashboards even more high-powered!

- Rob Aleman

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