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My Task Management data contains 1 row per User Story. Each row will contain start date, end date and estimated effort (which will likely be less than the story duration, e.g. Story starts on Monday, ends on Friday and will take 10 hours to complete). A row would look like:

¦ Program ID ¦ Story ID ¦ Start Date ¦ End Date ¦ Total Effort ¦

Each story is associated with a Program, of which there are many.

I wish to visualise the total effort per day for each Program (where Program will be a filter) on a timeline. I cannot conceive of a way to achieve this without transforming my data from one-row-per-Story to multi-row-per-Story, where each row is one day in the life of the story that contains the average, so it looks like this:

¦ Program ID ¦ Story ID ¦ Date Day 1 ¦ Average Daily Effort ¦

¦ Program ID ¦ Story ID ¦ Date Day 2 ¦ Average Daily Effort ¦

¦ Program ID ¦ Story ID ¦ Date Day 3 ¦ Average Daily Effort ¦

and so on.

Can I achieve my goal creating a new dataset?


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    @harropda - Are you looking for help in creating the new dataset? Or just if anyone has other ideas on how to accomplish this task? From what you have described, creating that new dataset should allow you to create the analysis you are lookin for.

    Ultimately, if you want your graph to display daily data, your dataset will need to be set up with 1 row per day. In this case, one row per day for each Story ID as you have described.

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