Right way to utilize string operation on long date.


I have a long date that I have converted to a text. Now I want to use the string operations tile to cut off the tail so I can have a nice clean date. the way it looks now in a string format is:


What I want is:


What I have been trying is:

But it leaving the date unchanged and that timestamp at the end is still there.



  • MarkSnodgrass

    Make sure when you are looking in the preview that you are looking for the new column you just created "Rent Last Changed". Don't look at dRentLastChanged as that will not be altered.

    Also, if your dRentLastChanged is a datetime or timestamp field, you could use a formula tile and just do this DATE(dRentLastChanged). This will make it a date only field.

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  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    Did Mark's method get you taken care of? Changing the type should do it (either with Formula tile, or Alter Columns tile and change the datatype) but here's another method you could use...


    Replace Text:

    Results after:

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    oh goodness... defo use @MarkSnodgrass method. it's easier to read and stores the data as type DATE which will have more flexibility in cards than type TEXT

    Jae Wilson
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