Right way to utilize string operation on long date.

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I have a long date that I have converted to a text. Now I want to use the string operations tile to cut off the tail so I can have a nice clean date. the way it looks now in a string format is:


What I want is:


What I have been trying is:

But it leaving the date unchanged and that timestamp at the end is still there.



  • GrantSmith

    It is a bit odd why your Rent Last Changed field won't take the substring as it appears correct. Here's a few other options for you to try:

    Utilize LEFT in a formula tile:

    LEFT(`dRentLastChanged`, 10)

    You could try to utilize a formula tile to convert it to a date:


    Alternatively you could utilize a regular expression:

    REGEXP_REPLACE(`dRentLastChanged`, '^(\d{4}-\d\d-\d\d).*$', '$1')

    Another method is to use SPLIT_PART in a formula tile:

    SPLIT_PART(`dRentLastChanged`, 'T', 1)
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