Anyone else experiencing issues with the Facebook Ads Advanced Connector starting Feb 8th?

cMac Member
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The Facebook Ads Advanced connector began deleting historical data for some connections and zeroed out metrics on other connections. The issue just recently started, but I haven't had any luck repopulating the missing data.

Most of these connections have been running for months with no problems and now all of them broke on the same day.


  • I believe @KenTravels is having this same issue. I would suggest opening up a support ticket and see if that gets Domo to look into the issue further.

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  • cMac

    Thank you @MarkSnodgrass for reminding, I do actually have a few tickets created for these issues. I really wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue considering the odd timing of all these connectors failing on the same day.

  • KenTravels

    I created a ticket but it was 12 days later before they responded. Connector started working 3 days after the problem with no changes. ??

    No help from support

  • GrantSmith

    My guess here is that Facebook deprecated any API version prior to v12 recently and it cause an issue with the connector but was upgraded to a newer version so it’s working now. Complete guess though. I only know Facebook deprecated their APIs prior to v12 because it cause me some issues outside of Domo

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