How to import sheet name or file name as a datapoint? (Dropbox advanced file connector)


Hi Team,

My source data is in csv's where one of the datapoints is embedded in the file name and the worksheet name. Is there a way to import that datapoint into domo?


  • MarkSnodgrass

    On some connectors, in the configuration settings, there is the option to include the file name as a column.

    If you have this option on the dropbox connector, select that and then you can use the formula tile in Magic ETL to extract the information you need.

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  • tejusarora
    tejusarora Member
    edited April 2022

    Hi Mark, I don't believe that's an option with Dropbox. What data source do you use? @MarkSnodgrass

  • GrantSmith

    There should be a _BATCH_FILENAME_ field in your dataset after the connector runs which will contain the name of the file which was imported into Domo. You could then use an ETL to extract information from your filename that way.

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  • tejusarora

    The _BATCH_FILENAME_  only takes the parameter part. For instance, if the parameter is File Name Starts with America, then the _BATCH_FILENAME_  will only show America. I have a report with date in the column name such as America_0101202, and the date changes with the report.

    Is there a way to import these?