Test a custom connector to a private API in Connector Dev Studio?


I'm trying to build a custom connector to an API that is only accessible in our intra environment. I was wondering if it was even possible to test this connector in the Dev Studio as it may not be able to reach the API endpoint. Currently the error that I get is as follows:

Whenever I try "Run Script" to test my authentication via API key: httprequest.getStatusCode() returns 500 and I can see the following JS error in the browser console:

angular.js:14996 Error: [$compile:nonassign] Expression 'undefined' in attribute 'graalMessage' used with directive 'devStudioStartStopButton' is non-assignable!


  at angular.js:125

  at parentSet (angular.js:10774)

  at parentValueWatch (angular.js:10787)

  at interceptedExpression (angular.js:16982)

  at Scope.$digest (angular.js:18555)

  at Scope.$apply (angular.js:18923)

  at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (angular.js:28069)

  at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (jquery.js:5183)

  at HTMLButtonElement.elemData.handle (jquery.js:4991)


  • GrantSmith

    By definition if it’s an internal API endpoint the Domo won’t be able to access it when you attempt to run your script. Your Domo instance wouldn’t typically be in your local network.

    looks like your issue is that graalMessage is undefined likely because it can’t communicate with your internal api endpoint

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  • Reeza

    Thanks Grant

    I've just tested connecting to our internal Jira instance from Dev Studio and was able to do so; so I think there is a way to make this work; i'll conduct further checks regarding the accessibility of the internal API that I am testing

    On another note, the internal API has a self-signed certificate and I was wondering if that could be the cause

  • Reeza

    The issue of self-signed certificate that I mentioned in my previous comment is different from that of being able to access an internal API. I'll create another post to enquire about that.