How to Trim a column with multiple words in it using ETL

I need to Trim extra spaces, How can I do that in ETL?

I used the replace text function, but it would remove all spaces.

So, if the column contains " Josh Smith Jarrod ", I want "Josh Smith Jarrod" but I am getting "JoshSmithJarrod".

I am not looking for SQL solution as the end user need it through ETL. Thanks in advance.


  • @learnx do you have magic ETL 2.0? If so, you can use a formula tile. I believe there is a trim whitespace function.

  • If you have Magic 1.0, you should be able to use the string function tile to trim spaces.

  • @Ashleigh is correct.

    Here's an ETL2.0 example


    If you leave off the second parameter it'll strip spaces by default.

    Magic 1.0 example:

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  • Thanks guys it worked! @Ashleigh and @GrantSmith I have ETL 2.0! Much appreciated !