Error creating DomoApp

n8isjack Contributor

I am trying use a custom app. I have a few cards using it already and I want to create a new one. When I try to save I get a prompt saying: "Error creating DomoApp"

I can do this with other apps and I've done it with this one in the last few months. What could cause this?

I have already tried saving it as a new app. Same issue. So it seems to not like something in my manifest?

When I am attempting to create the card i get a preview of the app and it loads great as you can see here:

But then I still cannot save.

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  • WHM
    WHM Contributor

    Is this a new card of an existing app or a new version of an existing app? I have created new versions by downloading an existing one, delete the ID in the manifest.json and then publishing... Creating a new card based on an existing app (had to do it to remember) was as simple and add card to a page, pick the custom app type for the card, select the custom app, then click each dataset and save and finish. I do not know where it would throw a "error creating DomoApp" other than on publish or maybe on Domo Dev... Is the error on "save and finish" when creating the card?