Embedded Dashboard with Default Filter View does not display


Embed type = Private

Programmatic filtering (i.e. no PDP)

We've set up a dashboard with a default Filter View. It works within Domo for our internal users

When we publish it using a private embed, the default filter view does not show. Users can still create their own filters using the top filter bar, but we want the default filter to show (i.e. so the user does not have to manually select each filter from the dropdown; the default filter view has all the filters they need).

The embedded dashboard looks like this with the filter icon available. The embed settings allow interactions, filtering and filter bar.

Is there a way to load the embed with the default Filter View?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @ravimohan911

    Currently I don't believe this is possible. Default page filters are still in Beta and aren't integrated with Domo Embed at this time. That would be good feedback for the beta team though for this specific use case.

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