Full CI/CD Support

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I'd love to see the ability to export and import a full configuration and code file set to an external repository like GitHub, in a mode that would allow for full CI/CD functionality. JSON files for all configuration files (account, users, datasets, dataflows, cards, reports, pages, beastmodes, etc), and code files for all SQL and custom code (datasets, SQL dataflows, Beastmodes, ETL SQL tiles, etc).

This would allow for consistent backup of your entire Domo instance (excluding the data), and allows for using IT standard deployment practices for developing new functions and deploying them to production. It also allows for easy removal of cards, pages, dataflows, etc. and restoring them later if needed. Simple recovery of accidentally deleted cards.

Yes, there are considerations that need to be accounted for to allow for users to directly update things, but that could be implemented as part of a circular update path to the CI/CD pipeline where end changes are submitted back to the repository as a new branch commit for review and approval. This allows for proper change management, review, and certification updates when changes are made.

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