Summary number


Hello I have a card that showed target value set for the whole year, vs the target attained till current_date.

This is a grouped bar, where one bar is target, and the other bar is attained target. I want to display the summary number that displays the attainment for current month. When I choose 'all values' it gives a summary for MTD, if I choose current then it shows for December 2021, for which there is only target bar, therefore in this case the summary is 0% . How can I extract the summary for current month attainment only?


  • MarkSnodgrass

    You can create custom summary numbers with a beast mode field. Create a beast mode like this:

    SUM(CASE WHEN YEAR(datefield) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) AND MONTH(datefield) = MONTH(CURRENT_DATE()) THEN targetfield END)

    You may need to tweak slightly to fit your data, but this field should be available in your summary number field selection list.

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