Connect Airtable to DOMO as a PostgreSQL database


Hello everyone,


I'm excited to share a new tool we built to connect Airtable to DOMO - Sync Inc (


With a couple clicks, we'll setup a hosted Postgres follower database containing all your Airtable data. We keep your database in sync in real-time. All you have to do is connect your Sync Inc database to DOMO with the standard Postgres connector.


If your team uses Airtable, then you know it contains some vital business data. You can connect Airtable to DOMO one table at at time with the Airtable connector - but it's a little tedious and some of your Airtable lookups and fields can get distorted. 


As we all know, DOMO has first class support for PostgreSQL. By turning your Airtable base into a Postgres database, you can plug all your Airtable data into DOMO in no time..


Now you can build, blend and share amazing dashboards and reports from your Airtable base.


You can try it out totally free here:


If you’re curious about how it all works, check out our docs:


Would love this to help the dojo. Looking forward to hearing feedback and answering any questions!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx


    that's super cool @user068035 !! how does this feature differ from the build-in connector that's part of the Domo library?  Does it offer new functionality?


    I assume you can mass sync Airtable to your PostgreSQL database, but do you still have to create a dataset one at a time in Domo?  It seems like ... it's still a 'one-at-a-time process.  unless you dynamically create multiple connectors at once using the Domo Connector APIs!  that'd be cool.  


    The data stays in sync in Postgres in realtime, but Domo doesn't really support realtime the way databases do.  what kind of recommendations or workflows have you developed to move that real-time support into Domo?  are you leveraging UPSERT?


    Your product sounds so cool!

    Jae Wilson
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