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Hi all. I am trying to build a chart (bar/line) where I am displaying NPS. I'd like to be able to breakdown the chart by different categories (i.e. Region, Segment, etc.) I've found that I can use the Trellis functionality to breakdown the chart by a specific segment. Now I'd like to be able to replace that category field with another one and give the user the control to do so. E.G. Show NPS by Region or by Segment in the same card.



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user003454 


    You'd need to format your data differently to get something like this to work such that a single column would have your categories for Region and Segment combines along with another column denoting the type of category label it is ('Region' or 'Segment').


    You could pull only the Region data first and then pull the segment data into two separate views / dataset and then use a Data Fusion to append them together so they're stacked on top of each other like this:


    DateValueCategoryCategory Type




    You can then plot your data and add a quick filter and force it to be a radio button type selection to allow only a single category type to be selected. Your user could then use the quick filter to toggle which type of categorization they want with the quick filter (Region or Segment) and then the data would be filtered.


    You wouldn't necessarily be able to change the chart properties like the axis labels dynamically but you can use this to change the graph dynamically.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @GrantSmith  this is so clever! i love it.


    but also, @user003454 this will make your data dangerous in untrained hands. 


    maybe consider using drill through to show the chart by region and then when a user clicks it navigates to a chart that shows the data by segment.


    when you structure the data the way Grant is proposing if users accidentally don't choose a 'Category Type' the chart gives nonsensical numbers.

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