Is it possible to create or update beast modes using an API?




I work with multiple datasets (8+) that frequently need their beast mode calculations adjusted to stay up to date. The changes are small, but copy and pasting it to multiple tables is repetitive. Is there an API available that can be used to do this? Maybe there is an available work around too. 


Thank you!


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user027693 

    The Domo Java CLI ( tool has the search-replace-bm command you can try and utilize to more programatically change beast mode definitions.


    > help search-replace-bm
    search-replace-bm: Perform a search and replace on Beast Mode calculations
      search-replace-bm -s <search_string> -r <replace_string> -change -o <output_file_path>
      search-replace-bm -s <search_string> -report -o <output_file_path>
      search-replace-bm -s <search_string> -report -p <opage_id> -o <output_file_path>
        -change,--change          change values
        -o,--output <OUTPUT>      output path
        -p,--page <PAGE>          page id
        -r,--replace <REPLACE>    replace string
        -report,--report          run a report
        -s,--search <SEARCH>      search string
        -sw,--idSwap              Command will search and replace ids in the card
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