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I have been using MySQL ETL for years.   Our organization is starting to work with more unstructured data every day.   Domo's implementation of MySQL has been stuck on 5.6 for some time.  It appears the current version is 5.6.28-76.1-56.   Most of the new JSON Functions show up in version 5.7+.   Is there any plan from the Domo team to get the underlying MySQL engine updated to a more current release?  


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @jpjetlinx 


    Last I've heard it's on the road map to get addressed but there isn't a scheduled date at this time. It might possibly be on the road map for sometime next year but I don't know for certain. I'd love to see the upgrade as well for that exact regex & json reason as well. Perhaps someone from Domo can give more insight into where it lives on the road map and a possible date it might be available.

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  • Domofied
    Domofied Contributor

    Any news after 2 yrs on ?😀