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I am trying to create a multiple series, period over period chart on a Month to date basis. I want to create a chart that shows Revenue and Jobs comparison on a weekday basis where this year vs previous year. 

For example a chart that shows October Month to date weekday comparison like Oct 1st 2020 is a Thursday and would like to compare with Thursday Oct 3rd 2019. This year 2020 being a leap year throws a problem and not sure how to do it. 


Can someone help me with the weekday comparison please. 


Thanks in advance!!



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user011045 


    I've done a previous write up regarding customized period over period data models. You can refer to for an in dept description of what needs to happen.

    You'd join the table together against your date comparison dimension table and filter your card based on the comparison type ('Last Year (DOW Aligned)')


    The key point on getting your dates to line up Year over Year is to subtract 364 days (evenly divisible by 7) so that each day of the week matches as closely to the same day of the week a year ago. It's documented in the example SQL as 'Last Year (DOW Aligned)'

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