Unique Visitors how to deduplicate them in Domo

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Maybe some of you know Adobe Analytics platform

Anyhow for a selected date range the tool will determine the correct number of Unique Visitors who visited a website.

Example in the month of September I visited the domo.com web site 4 time: 3 time in week 1, once in week 2, 0 in week 3 and 0 in week 4).

For the monthly visits I count as 1 Unique visitors. 

For week 1 I count as 1 Unique Visitor

For week 2 I count as 1 Unique Visitor

For weeks 3 and 4 I count 0

Adobe Analtyics can deduplicate my visits


But what happens when I load this data in Domo?


Using the Adobe Analytics connectors and importing the metric Daily Unique Visitors in Domo for the month of September I will incurre into an issue.


If I graph the number of Unique Visitors by day in a trend or bar chart, no issue.

If I change the aggregation to weekly it will be a problem as for monthly

Furthermore if I want to had a Summary Number with the total of Unique Visitors cleary it will add them and the total will not correspond to the one from Adobe.


Has anyone got Ideas on how to solve this issue?

Or has got suggestions?


We believe the only way would be to extract for each day ALL users ID and create a dataflow to replicate the "deduplication" mechanism that AA has.

BUT if anyone has got better suggestion we would be happy to hear ti.


Many thanks


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @mmanuzzi 


    Because of the nature of unique visitors and how platforms like Adobe or Google Analytics calculates it it does the deduplication and summarization before it sends you the data via the Domo connector based on the time slice you have selected. Because of this you can over count if you sliced based on days but then graph by something larger like a week or a month. The only way to get a truly accurate count for a specific time slice would be to list every single visit and then utilize domo to count the distinct values based on the grouping (day, week, month etc) just as you mentioned.


    When I've run into this in the past I've ask the stakeholders how accurate they want their data and then essentially "freeze" the data on that type of slice and make sure they know it's only accurate when plotting based on the time slice they selected.


    You other option would be to pull the data multiple times based on the different time slices and then graph those (day dataset, week dataset, month dataset etc) but you wouldn't be able to change the slicing in the chart without issues of over counting unique visitors.

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  • mmanuzzi
    mmanuzzi Contributor



    This is exactly what we have been telling the final users.


    Also if we want to have daily granularity as you said we would need to extract loads of data.

    Think a somebody that wants a year of data and more!!!!


    Anyhow, it's all clear to us. 

    We also explained them the difference between the two plaftorm: Domo and Adobe Analytics.


    Let's see if other have found a workaround it.


    Thank you!

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