Management API filtering would be so helpful


Currently the Users API lets you filter by offset and limit. However, for every use case I know of, an external application doesn't need all of the users, but a single user. So you either have to know that users Domo supplied ID or you have to retrieve all users and filter or loop after returning much more data than needed. If we even had a simple filter to retrieve a user by email address (the primary login mechanism) it would be super helpful.


The same is true for us for datasets API, we almost always need to pull a list of datasets that are owned by a specific user. Adding an "ownerEmail" filter or even "ownerId" filter would be amazingly helpful. We are adding users and datasets often enough that I have to retrieve these large blobs with multiple loops through the API to get all items, only to throw away (even if we cache, we can't cache forever as the information is changing regularly) most of the information to do the task at hand.


If I could call 




I would be so much happier with the API


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