DoMo trims leading zero while loading Text data into domo


Hi All,


I am using simple DoMo ETL (Not Beast mode) and I have an issue with DoMo. I am loading text data from salesforce into domo using "salesforce" connector. The text data contains all numbers with leading zeros.


Since there are no chanracters present in text data Domo treats it as number and trims leading zeros while loading into DoMo. This is causing issue for me for further processing.


Do we have any solution to resolve this issue?



e.g.   Salesforce data               ---->     01234

Data after loading into Domo     --->   1234


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user11651 


    I haven't used the Salesforce connector but it's a data type issue. You might need to check to see if you can force the column type within the connector itself. If not you could modify it within your Magic ETL by using a Set Column Type to convert it to a string and then use String Operations to left pad your number with 0s to the desired length.

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  • Only thing I'd add to @GrantSmith  is when you do your string correction in Domo, prefix your values with a string, like C or A to prevent any subsequent dataflows or cards from auto typecasting to a different data type.


    Sounds frustrating, but keep in mind Domo (and all automation / integration oriented solutions) work well by 'fixing' bad decisions and compressing data.  storing 0000001 as a string is way more expensive than storing 1.  Hence the automation.  It seems like small beans but across millions or billions of rows those bytes add up.

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