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shamal Member
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How can we segregate different dataset access' between multiple admins?

While defining PDP access to a dataset all rows are always set to all admins and owners. Is there a way to filter out an admin?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @shamal 

    Admins are a pre-configured role and have access to everything within Domo. If you're wanting to restrict users to not be able to see everything you'd need to create some custom roles and assign the users that specific role which would allow you to filter the PDP. One downside is that they'd lose access to everything they previously had access to and would need to be granted access to those other data sets / cards / etc.

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  • shamal

    Thanks for replying but basically all department heads are admins so that wouldn't help I guess.

    I wish there was a way to filter out on the dataset itself with an All rows "except" feature.

  • @shamal an Admin is an Admin.  There is no concept of a departmental admin in Domo ** yet ** but it is a feature they're working on.


    In the immediate term, you could create a custom role (talk to your CSM) which gives more finite control over grants.

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