Show time duration in hours and minutes in a bar chart

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I have a beast mode that takes seconds and convert into a duration, for example:  100 seconds to 1:40.  When I use this beast mode in a bar chart, it doesn't draw the duration.  Found a posting about using the duration text as label and tooltip for the bar chart while charting the # of seconds in the chart.



It shows great.  However, when the mouse flies over the bar, it toggles the labels to the seconds instead of the duration label.  How can I fix it so the chart will not show the # of seconds and always use the duration label.


With labels, it's showing the duration while the # of seconds is charted.


Here's a screen shot where the duration changed to the actual seconds when the mouse flies over the bar.



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user025702 


    It seems like a bug you might want to bring up with support where the data labels are being ignored when displaying the hover text.

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