Beast Mode Manager

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To start the Beast Mode Manager has saved me a ton of time, and made life significantly easier. 


I do have a few ideas on how it can be improved. Currently there is no way to delete a Beast Mode Calculation from the Manager. You have to go into a card and then delete the calculation. I have may Beast Mode Calculations that aren't be used on a card and are just sitting ideally in my Dataset causing unnecessary clutter. It would be nice to have a delete button within the Manager. 


Second, there have been instances where I have the exact same calculation a number of times. The initial Beast Mode Calculation wasn't shared on the Dataset and then was recreated for a number of cards causing there to be "duplicate" calculations in the Beast Mode Manager. Is there a way that a "merge" or "consolidate" option could be added. Where I could select all the duplicate calculation and combine them into 1 single calculation that would be shared on the dataset and adjusted on the cards, without having to manually go into all the cards and reassign the Beast Mode and then delete the duplicate. 


The Beast Mode Manager is amazing to see insight into duplicate calculation, but having to go into each card and convert them to a single calc is quite tedious. 

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