grouped bar from extracted text



I Have data in a column that looks like this:

California, Nevada


New Mexico

Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada

New Mexico, Florida



The column might have just one name or as many a 6 different state names separated by commas, not in any specific order.

I want to make a Grouped Bar card that will count the total for each state if it exists ANYWHERE in that string. (LIKE statement????)

Then display grouped bar with count for each state.


Help please...?





  • GrantSmith

    Hi @tstimple


    There's two options you have. The first is to create 50 beast modes one for each state using a like statement which is not ideal and a nightmare to maintain.


    The better option is to preprocess your data and split out so you have one record for each state. You can utilize a split column tile to split each state based on a specific delimiter and then utilize a pivot tile to translate the states to a single column.

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