Use Gauge : Target + comparison


Hi all,


I am using the Gauge to show my sales results.

But I want to show both a target point and compare it to last month.

Normally the line from previous month is the targetpoint but I want to adjust this.

Is this in any way possible? I also looked at the Comparative Fill Gauge but doesn't seem like the way to go.


Thanks in advance!




  • MichelleH

    I've had success with the Filled Gauge chart type since there is a Target Value field you can use.  

    • To show last month's sales, use the date options in the card to select "Previous Month" as the timeframe (note that this will only work if you have a Date/Time field in your dataset). Then put your sales field in the "Gauge Values" spot
    • To set a manual target, I usually create a Beast Mode with an average function around the value I want. If my goal is 13, I will enter "AVG(13)" in the Beast Mode to avoid aggregation issues. Then I drag the Beast Mode into the "Target Values" spot. Then it will show the target you set in grey.

    Gauge Target.PNG

  • user046467

    Thank you for your reply @MichelleH 

    I think you might have misunderstood me (or I did).

    I attached an image of what I am trying to accomplish.

    So although I have 48 sales compared to 54 last month my target is 45. 


    But with the normal gauge I cant compare to last month.

    And with the period over period gauge I cant set a target point.


    Hopefully it's more clear now ?

  • MichelleH

    I see, you're looking for a month over month comparison with a target? You can try a Comparative Fill Gauge (Basic) chart like this:


    Comparative Fill Gauge.PNG


    This chart type doesn't seem to like aggregate Beast Mode calculations when I tried it, so it may require an ETL to summarize the data into a single line.

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