Move page to a sub-page


I am unable to move a page to a sub-page of another dashboard.

This knowledge article may be out of date because I have a different experience on the admin>pages section.

There is no checkbox by the page and no "move page" options I can find.

There is a side pane with the list of pages and then a window with users and cards on the page. 

How can I move pages to sub-pages now?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user048672 


    Are you an admin or do you have the "Manage All Cards and Pages" role associated with your account? You need to have one of those in order to move pages around. If not I'd talk with your instance Admin to get your pages moved.


    You can reorder your own pages within a parent page but can't move it outside of the current parent page. (Click on the three-line hamburger icon next to your currently opened page name then scroll down to the bottom and select Manage)

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