Changing the Content of Exporting a Page


Is it possible to change the default content when you export a page to PDF or Powerpoint? I don't want to include who the owns the page. The exports will go to our customers and they don't know me. The customers interact with account managers and displaying "Owner" on the title page is confusing and looks like the wrong Account Manager is listed. I would prefer not having a title page at all, but at the least I need to get rid of the "Owner" field.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    No what you're specifically asking for is not possible (AFAIK).  maybe with some premium features (ask your CSM) but probably not.


    What you could do to make it less confusing is assign ownership of pages you export to customers to a 'generic admin account' at orgs I work with they have a "Domo Admin"' or "Content Admin" account, so the page is not owned by a person.


    The proposed strategy is in alignment with Domo best practices insofar as, you don't want individuals to own large swathes of content because if they leave the org or get removed from Domo, you have to go through a massive fire drill to reassign them.  Also, by transitioning content to a service account, you make it easier to identify which content has been 'approved' or 'certified' versus which content was made by Joe Schmoe.  --- there are proper certification workflows built into Domo, and reassigning ownership is typically part of that process.


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