BM Calculation Aged Incidents




I am trying to calculate which of my incidents are Aged (over 30 days old from the current date), I have cobbled this together but it can't be working as I change the number and get the same result


CASE WHEN DATEDIFF( CURDATE(),Max(`created_at`)) > 30 THEN 'Aged' ELSE 'Not Aged' end


Could somebody help please?


Kind Regards



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @KJRowe6 


    If you have one incident per row then you don't need to have the MAX in your beast mode - It's always returning the highest date with your incidents.


    Try this:

    CASE WHEN DATEDIFF( CURDATE(), `created_at`) > 30 THEN 'Aged' ELSE 'Not Aged' end
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