Google Ads + Google Sheets overwrites the old data


I have connected my Google Ads + Google Sheets (

It daily adds the new data from my campaigns which works fine.


The problem is that it overwrites all older data instead of adding new rows. Did I miss something and is it supposed to do that?
Do I need to use another method to preserve the old data?

Thanks in advance.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Most connectors in Domo support two ingest methods, APPEND (add new data) or REPLACE.


    Check the last configuration tab under dataset settings.  Look for 'update method' or similar.

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  • user046467

    Thanks for your reply @jaeW_at_Onyx 

    That option is not showing for "Google Sheets" sadly.

  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user046467 


    Short version: I used a python script interacting with the Google Ads API and then used the Domo API to upload a dataset.


    Long Version:

    I've had the same problems and ended up not using Google sheets entirely as the timing of the Google script to populate the Google sheets and the Domo job to pull in the data from Google Sheets kept overlapping and wouldn't accurately pull in the current data (sometimes the sheet wouldn't finish being updated by the time the domo ingestion ran - I had a tight time window where the data from GA was available and when it needed to be in our system). Another problem I had was because I needed a lot of data and we generated a lot of data every day in Google Ads the script to populate the Google Sheets would time out (there's a 5 minute execution time limit I believe). I ended up writing a Python script to interact with the Google Ads API, processing / cleaning the data and then utilizing the Domo API to insert the data into Domo. This way I had control of the entire process and made sure things updated correctly.  With that said you might be able to write a custom connector on the Domo platform to utilize it (for me the python route was easiest and quickest).


    Another option they mention is to utilize BigQuery to pull the data from and have Google Ads write your data there but again you may run into timing issues.


    Or, depending on how technical you are you might also look into tweaking the google script it's using to populate the Google Sheet to see if you can make it append rather than replacing the entire sheet.



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