Value Map all columns at once


Is it possible within an ETL to value map all the NULL values in all the columns within one function.  When joining datasets and keeping all the columns there end up being NULL values all over the place.  This has been notorious for making Beast Modes fail.  My fix for this is to add a bunch of value map functions at the end of my ETL to map all these columns. I feel like there has to be a quicker, easier way to do this. I also think there is a Beast mode function 'IFNULL' but i would prefer not to have to do that on every single one.  I was just curious if I could map it all at once within one value mapper function. 


An additional goal of mine is to create more efficincies within my ETL by reducing the amount of data and functions.  I have noticed the value mappers and Rank & Window functions take a large amount of time. Any tips for making ETLs run faster would be appreciated as well. 


  • GrantSmith



    Currently I don't beleive Domo supports a table wide NULL mapping but it requires multiple mappings - one for each column.


    This would be a great idea for the idea exchange. I'd definitely vote for it.

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