MySQL Dataflow Changing Column Formats


What I am trying to do is convert a bunch of time columns in my dataset that come over as text fields into time fields so I can aggregate or sum them. I am dealing with phone data, so I would like to add the call times together.

I am fairly new with using MySQL dataflows, so any help would be appreciated. This is what I have so far (I am just showing 2 of the columns I have; TIMESTAMP & CALL TIME), but the column type still shows text when I run the SQL:


Thanks for your help!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Try pulling your data into a card.


    Although MySQL may show the datatype as text, what really matters is how the data gets stored in Vault (Domo Data Storage layer) and then interpreted into Adrenaline (Domo Database / Visualization) layer.


    If you think about it, ALL data gets converted into 'text' when it gets stored as a flat file.  What matters is how the database interprets it.



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  • ratkoe70

    Thanks for your response and your explanation makes sense to me. This is what I did and it does not seem to be working the way I want.

    I pulled the output dataset into a table card, and the new columns that I tried to convert (calltime_test, calltime_test1 & calltime_test2) are not coming over as times. They are all dimensions and not measures.