Lat/Long Map Not Filtering Correctly


I have a dashboard that I've built that includes 4 cards.  For sake of this, I'll focus on 2 of them.  One is a table and the other is a Lat/Long Map.


The Lat/Long Map has the right circles in the right spots.  In the analyzer view, it appears to be working correctly as well (i.e. Quick Filter does what it's supposed to do).  The problem is, on my Dashboard, when I select a Sales Office (the label name for my map), the filter on the Dashboard doesn't get filtered by the Sales Office name, it gets filtered by some (seemingly) random number that does not appear in the actual filter for Sales Offices.  Because of this, my entire Dashboard is filtered by a value that doesn't exist anywhere and all the other cards show blank.  Here are a couple of screenshots to try to describe what I am referring to:


In the first, you can see a populated table and a total sales on the map that is greater than $0.  It also shows a value for Salt Lake City when hovering over the datapoint.  All of these values are accurate.

Lat_Long Map Unfiltered.png

In the second, you can see that Salt Lake City has been selected, but up in the filter, it says the Sales Office is "36".  There is no "36" Sales Office, so the table is empty.  The other cards on the page show "No Data Exists".  You can see that if I expand the filter, 36 isn't in that list.


Why is that the filter being selected and how can I fix this?

Lat_Long Map Filtered.png

Filter List.png


Thank you for any insight in to this issue!



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    I appreciate it's frustrating but I'm unsurprised that it's not working as expected.  Lat Long are a coordinate pair.  So when you graph a point you're expecting Domo to simultaneously apply two filters (lat, and long) on your table card.  That said, I'd be really surprised if Domo retained the data in your visualization in terms of Lat / Long instead of interpreting it into a different value (like 36) as part of the visualization process.


    To force Domo to keep the City granularity, try putting City on the Sorting Clause.  Does that have any impact?

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