PDP Util - the effects of the different delete_options in the config dataset

Atanas Domo Employee

Config and Data Datasets before running the PDP Util

For this I am using a Domo Webform dataset, which works like a Google Worksheet - i.e. you can edit the data without needing to re-upload a new dataset, which resets the dataset ID.


See attached Word file for a better copy of the screenshots.

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

After run 1:
Picture 3.png

  • Duplicated PDP rule as setting is to “none”, which means don’t touch the existing rules but create a new one. Update will match on the rule name and update the rule to whatever is set in the config dataset

Resetting to update
Picture 4.png

Picture 5.png

After run 2
Picture 6.png

  • The 2 rules with same name are deleted and replaced with a new rule with the same name and same config as per the config dataset

Adding a few more rules
Picture 7.png

Picture 8.png

Picture 9.png

Picture 10.png

  • The user ID for your own account can be grabbed from the browser URL when you are at the My Profile page

After run 3:
Picture 11.png

  • 1 rule replaced as per the previous example, 2 rules created: 1 for a single user through the User ID and 1 for a group by the group’s name