Using Separate Filters in a Dashboard as an OR type argument


 Hi all,

I have a situation in which I have a High Roll-up of States grouped together and then a separate State level filter and want them to work together.  Example is: 


Region Filter: 






And then a State Filter of all 50 states. 


I would like to have the have an option to pull in data that can include rows that satisfy either the Geographic OR the State filter.  So for example user selects "East" and then can also specifically select "California" in the State Filter.  Then the data has all the rows with Region = East and also the rows with State = "California".  Is this possible?  I'm using the Filter cards and applying it in the DOMO dashboard.  


  • Further note, what is going on is that when I select say "East" under the Region filter, I will then only be offered states to choose from on the East Coast in my State filter.  In a way, I don't want the Region filter to then dictates what's availble to select in the State filter.  



  • MarkSnodgrass

    Unfortunately, the dashboard filters are set to work on an AND condition. Maybe not ideal, but you could could have one card that shows states totals and another card that shows region totals and have them sit next to each other in your dashboard. If you are using the filter cards, you can tell it which cards should be affected when the filter is applied.

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  • I've run into this myself in the past. One workaround I have used (though admittedly not the most elegant solution) is simply to CONCAT() the two filter fields together in Beast Mode.


    This allows you to at least see the entire list of values when you filter. Super manual, but with a max list size of 50 values, it's not too tedious.


    `Region - State` = CONCAT(`Region`, `State`)

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @MarkSnodgrass  and everyone else... stay tuned and check the next set of release notes ... there maaaaaay be a feature in the pipes that can help with your use case.  


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