Period over Period - Hourly comparison



I want to do a period over period comparison on an hourly view.  I would like to compare against 48 hours ago but the hour comparison is greyed out.  If I changed the "graph by" to days then it shows up but greys out once I change it back to hours. Any idea on how I can do a comparison of hours?

Screenshot attached.



  • GrantSmith



    I'm not certain why you can't do a period over period graph based on hours, seems like you should be able to. One way you can get around it is if you create a MySQL ETL to join the table to itself based on the time being 48 hours before and labeling those oclumns with a suffix ('_48ago' for example). This is assuming you're at an hour level granularity - otherwise you'll need to group based on the hour and then join the two tables together.

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