How to get data for the last 5 months from an year's data in magic ETL?

Need to get the data for 5 months from current 1st of month using magic ETL. It needs to adjust back to 5 months automatically from the current month. 


Help will be much appreciated.




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    It's probably possible with the Magic ETL, however, I'm more accustomed to the SQL transform.


    If you did this SQL transform, you could limit your data to only the last 5 months.


    SELECT * 

    FROM table

    WHERE `datefield` >= DATE_SUB(DATE_FORMAT(`datefield`, '%Y-%m-01'), INTERVAL 1 MONTH)


     Hopefully, this might help. Or if not, maybe someone else can chime in regarding the Magic ETL.

    You can also take the SQL dataset and bring in the output into a Magic ETL and go from there.

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