Improving security of CSV-SFTP pull connector



Our customers are very concerned about security, thus it would be great if CSV-SFTP Pull connector would allow us to set up public-key authentication in addition to username and passwords. I can envision it as a simple (Re-)Generate keys button in the GUI, where ssh private key would never leave DOMO premises, but the public key is displayed for users to add to their authorized_keys.


Do you think such functionality could appear in DOMO anytime soon?


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    I'm not aware of any specific plans. This is something I would recommend you discuss directly with support or your CSM. There may be another option that can be used like WorkBench 5 that will help satisfy the requirements of your customers. 


    If once you have had your conversation with Support or your CSM, you may also want to leave product feedback as described here;