Unable to connect to Kafka connector




I have been trying to stream the data from Kafka Cluster to Domo instance but its not copying the data. Connection seems to be fine but unable to copy the data into DOMO. Here I have attached the screenshot of the error. Please help me solve this issue. thanks.





  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hi There,


    Assuming you are using google chrome lets gather some more information on the error.


    Get back to the point you took the screenshot at and then Right-click and select inspect. This will open up some tools. We then want you to select "Network" across the top of the window that just opened. and then refresh your page.


    As the page refreshes this network tab will fill up and I expect one of the items to turn red as it fails. 


    Click that red object/item and you should get more information about the error. There may even be a URL to visit and update your credentials at. 

    If at this point you can't move forward I would suggest opening a support ticket Direct with Domo Support