How to get datasets schema with field descriptions


I am looking for a way to extract the schema of my datasets including the description of each field. 


I have GOV_Dataset-schemas (from Domo Governance Datasets) installed, so it partially solve my need.


Following I describe the unsolved part.


I have a data set with three columns:


dataset1  with a description of ‘datase1_description’ (description included with edit name and description in Domo datasets screen)


and columns (description included via data tab, schema icon, description column)

  • colum1 type text  with description of ‘column1_description’
  • colum2 type number with description of ‘column2_description’
  • colum3 type text with description of ‘column3_description’


In GOV_Dataset-schemas I can find three rows for dataset1:

  • dataset1 column1 text dataset1_description
  • dataset1 column2 number dataset1_description
  • dataset1 column3 text dataset1_description


I would be happier if  GOV_Dataset-schemas would give me

  • dataset1 column1 text column1_description
  • dataset1 column2 number column2_description
  • dataset1 column3 text column3_description


Please if anyone knows of any other way to extract datasets scheme with custom description for each field I would appreciate the help. 



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