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I am new to Domo. I currently have a card using Salesforce data that shows the average deal size per opportunity type.

I can show this per month and per quarter per filter.

For example:

                             Account Name        Amount       Close Date              

Opportunity 1       Customer A               50                 24 Oct 19

Opportunity 2       Customer A               100               24 Oct 19

Opportunity 3       Customer A                20                24 Oct 19

Opportunity 4       Customer B               40                 14 Oct 19


Now it averages them like this: 50+100+20+40 / 4 = 52.5


However I would like to group the customer A opportunities that are on the same date as one.

So it average like this: (50+100+20) + 40 / 2 = 105


How can I do this?










  • You can create a calculated field and use that as a summary number;


    SUM(`Amount`) / COUNT(DISTINCT CONCAT(`Account Name`,' ',`Close Date`))

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