Case Statement Question - multiple results

swagner Contributor

I'm trying to use a quick filter to select sales people associated with specific branches.  There is some overlap in assignment, in other words two branches are assigned to two different people.  Here is my current case statement:


when `Customer Home Branch` IN ('207500','208500') then 'Brad'
when `Customer Home Branch` IN ('203500','207500','208500') then 'Scott'

Here is a video overview of the question I am asking.


Thanks in advance!




  • The easiest solution would be to add an additional statement that resulted in "Brad/Scott" like this:

    when `Customer Home Branch` IN ('207500','208500') then 'Brad/Scott'
    when `Customer Home Branch` IN ('203500') then 'Scott'

    However, I think you are wanting to be able to have Brad and Scott listed individually. If that is the case you are likely going to need to do a Magic ETL and use the JOIN functionality to join your current dataset with a dataset that has a listing of branches and their managers and branch 207500 and 208500 would have 2 entries in that dataset, one for Brad and one for Scott. It will duplicate the rows for those branches in your main dataset, so you'll need to be careful how you sum, but it would allow you to use the Quick Filter how you would like.

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