Amount (converted) salesforce field

Could anyone please confirm why Domo does not allow me to select the Amount (converted) field from the Opportunities object in salesforce? It is not even listen as an option when attempting to pull that data by browsing objects and fields. I suspect it might be because it might use a conversion formula not identified/supported by Domo, or maybe there is a way to pull that data? Thanks!



  • We pull the Opportunity data as one dataset and the ISO Codes and Conversion Rates (from our Salesforce instance) in another data set.  We then use a dataflow to recreate the Amount (Converted) field.


    I don't know why Salesforce does not expose certain APIs, but this along with Current Stage Age are to fields that we had to manufacture using dataflows in Domo rather than a direct API pull.

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  • @ST_-Superman-_, Thanks for your reply. This seems to be the way to go. However, the issue now is that this alternative uses the current conversion rate, even for historical data and, thus, skews the data. Any ideas how to go about this? Does salesforce store historical conversion rates?

  • Looks like a SOQL query using the convertcurrency() function does the trick!

  • @user36203, can you please show how you used that function?