Email connector unable to receive more than 1 email at a time. Any workarounds?

rado98 Contributor

So as it turns out the email Connector, great as it is, has a key flaw, if two emails arrive at close to the same time one of them will not be imported.

Silly as this sounds, the following error comes up " The import has been cancelled because a new request has been submitted."


I originally noticed the issue when I created and started testing a data set a couple of weeks ago. I inmediately contect Support about it, preempting that this would be an issue, and they said that this a limitation of the system. I was not given the impression that they plan to fix the problem, as the support person dismissed the issue saying if it were to happen it would most likely be duplicate emails.


Now the that data started coming in I am encountering the error daily, which unfortunatelly makes the data useless.


If anyone has run into this issue before, is there a workaround to get this to work????


As a bit of background

We use online forms to generate work permits and to later signoff the permits when the work is completed. We would get an email with each of those submitions, generating two data sets.

By joining the the tow data sets I was planning of getting a live list of jobs that have and have not been signed off.

I was then planning of having the open jobs displayed on a monitor and raise alarms if a job was not closed after a set time.

I can possible get the out of a google sheet but the 1 hour refresh shedule is jsut not good enough.


  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    Hi, we have run into that issue as well with the email connector.  You might have a few different options.  There are Domo forms, which you can use to write to a dataset inside of Domo in real-time.  You can contact your CSM about using it.  I am not sure it is advanced enough to handle approvals if you do that now and integrate it with the initial submission. 


    The Google Sheets connector can be set to as frequently as every 15 minutes to update vs. the hour you mentioned.  You can also use workbench and a third party driver like CData to pull in Google Sheets more frequently (use Windows Scheduler, not WB to schedule the job and set it to run every 1-5 minutes).


    We also have used Survey Monkey and other survey tools to capture the data, then pull them into Domo using a connector.





  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor



    Thanks for the help, the system we use already has the option of uploading to google sheets so that is really the only realistic available workaround.

    I think I could work with the 15min update cycle ( in combination with the emails and "remove duplicates" in ETL.


    I would still like to know if anyone has found a workaround usign the email connector only.



  • user12272
    user12272 Domo Employee


    The best workaround here is to use the workbench. In this way, you can have multiple datasets, and you will have the ability to send reports to every single individual that will need to take a look at your data.

    If you use the workbench, you will see that it would do it faster, and you will have fewer complications.

    If you feel that you cannot find the answer, I will recommend you to get in contact with support at