Adding a date line market to chart?


I have a horizontal percent complete gantt chart. I currently have "Show Current Date" checked on in the chart properties, but I was wondering if I am able to add more vertical lines from the date x-axis to make the chart easier to read. For example, my chart goes from Oct 2016-Jul 2022, and I would like to have dashed lines separating the quarters in our fiscal year. Any advice on how to do this?


  • Cartergan
    Cartergan Contributor

    After playing around with this for a while I was unable to find a way to create these vertical lines. 


    One alternative I thought of was adding a column to your data that resembles which quarter the data is in. From here you can color code the different quarters. Not as straight forward as what you were hoping for but it may help acheive the same goal. 


    Let me know if you do discover how to acheive this or the same effect as I am curious! 

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