Exporting with Description

Is there a way to export to PPT and include the card descriptions? I want to keep my titles short and readable, but need a way to explain what is being shown when I have to send a deck to non-Domo users (who can't hover over the card for the descriptions). 


Any suggestions or work-arounds would be appreciated, thanks!!


  • You can do this when using the addon for PowerPoint. I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but I don't know that it's possible in the quick export or not. The below shows how the description was pulled into PowerPoint with the card. For more information check HERE 


    Dojo Help 201.JPG

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  • Thank you, @guitarhero23! I downloaded the plug in, but when I try to connect to my Domo instance it keeps saying it won't authenticate/that the site isn't secure. Any suggestions? 

  • @EF1218  it could be that your admins restricted use of the plug-ins. 

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